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Voltage Rating

The rated voltage of a chip resistor is determined by the continuous voltage stress the device can accommodate. Operation in excess of the rated voltage may compromise stability. Short time overloads (less than 5 seconds) up to twice the rated voltage will not degrade the chip significantly.

Voltage Coefficient of Resistance (VCR)

VCR is a measure of the stability of the resistor with respect to changes in voltage. Thick film resistors can exhibit significant VCR values. Low value chips may have a VCR of less than 10 ppm/V, while high value chips may change by 200 or 300 ppm/V or more. Thin film resistors have low VCR values regardless of size and resistance value, with a typical change in resistance of less than 2 ppm/V. Where VCR is critical, thin film resistors or high voltage products can provide the desired performance.

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